Academic Articles

2019    “Voices from Tohoku”: from digital archive of oral narratives to scientific application in Disaster Risk Reduction. With D.H. Slater and R. O’Day. デジタルアーカイブベーシックス第2巻「災害記録未来に生かす」 今村文彦 監修/鈴木親彦 責任編集 勉誠出版 [Digital Archive Basics 2 – ed. Imamura F., and Suzuki C. ; Tokyo:Bensei Ed.] 2019/9 pp.89-115

2019    Fulco, F., Slater, D. H., & O’Day, R. (2019). リアルタイムでのデジタル・ヒューマニティーズと災害の記録:東日本大震災と津波のオーラルナラティブ・アーカイブ. 社会と調査, 23, 15-23.  (“Digital Humanities And The Documentation Of Disaster In Real Time: Oral Narrative Archive Of The Great East Japan Earthquake And Tsunami” in “Advances in Social Research” 23, 15-23 (in Japanese).

2018    Cyber-physical disaster drill: preliminary results and social challenges of the first attempts to unify Human, ICT and AI in disaster response” IEEE Big Data Conference 2018 Proceedings. With Dr. Munenari Inoguchi and Tomoya Mikami

2016    Memory at the crossroads between autobiography and fiction. The case of Brazilian Nikkei’s women narratives, in Rivista di Studi Portoghesi e Brasiliani XVII-2016 Roma-Pisa: Fabrizio Serra Editore

2007.   I Nikkeijin tra Brasile e Giappone. La testimonianza e la memoria nella costruzione di un’identità transnazionale. (Nikkeijin between Brazil and Japan: story and memory in the building of a transnational identity). Journal “Kùmà – Creolizzare l’Europa N.14 Luglio 2007”


2019    Minamisanriku Hotel Kanyo: Learn About Local History While Enjoying the Beauty of Miyagi. Visit Miyagi website

2018    Learning from Japan’s 3.11: Traditional Storytelling and Migrant Integration. IOM – MICIC (Migrants in Countries of Crises Initiative) website

2018 I am a migrant campaign

2017    Kataribe. A keyword to recovery Toshiba International Foundation Japan-Insights website